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Baltic Amber

Baltic amber is fossilized resin of pine trees from the Scandinavian area and about 44 million years old. At that time there was a relatively mild climate and the pine forest stretched out far into the Nordic area with trees up to 40 meters high. We have many nice pieces of Baltic amber in various colors, with or without insects and some made into fine jewelry.

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We offer a wide selection of fossils, many are millions of years old. How about real dinosaur tooth from the Mosasaur or the Spinosaur? But we also have Trilobites, ammonites, orthoceras, petrified wood and fossilized fish! And if you're lucky you can find a piece of 20 million year old doodoo from a crocodile! Come and have a look at the fascinating ancient days. 

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Minerals have the most amazing colors and shapes! We have a wide selection of minerals from around the world. From sunny yellow citrine to deep blue azurite or red vanadinite.  Have a look and be amazed what Nature has to offer.

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Meteorites are pieces of space rubbish that Fell on Earth. Most of them burn up as they fall through the atmosphere. But the ones that are big enough hit the earth with great destruction. We have a wide selection of these misterious space rocks!

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Collector boxes

For all the collectors out there we have special boxes with minerals, fossils and meteorites. On every acrylic box is the name and place is mentioned. 

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To have a good look at your collection we offer a large variety of magnifiers. From budget loupes to premium magnifiers, real detail starts here. And of course with a friendly price.

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From Baby teething necklaces made from Baltic amber till pendant from outer space. If you're looking for something unique, you've come to the right addres!

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