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A Webshop made with passion for Amber and all other wonders of nature.

Baltic Amber

The specializes mainly in Baltic amber with insect inclusions. We also have a wide range of minerals, fossils, meteorites, magnifiers and collectors boxes. But if you’re looking some unique jewelry of a baby necklace to help your baby with teething, you are at the right address.

Webshop built with passion

For years, lives a growing fascination with Baltic amber with many inclusions. The wonder to hold perfectly preserved insects on more than 40 million years old has been a fantastic experience. With the growing collection was also increasingly being asked how one could also come into possession of such a perfectly preserved fossil insect. For this reason we started this web shop! In the years it grew bigger and bigger with fossils like Dinosaur teeth, the most colorful minerals and fascinating meteorites. So be welcome to visit our passion!

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