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Amber Baby teething necklace and bracelet

What is it?

In many eastern European countries it is common to let your baby wear a necklace or bracelet made from Baltic amber. There are many theories on how the amber reduces the pain for baby's who suffer from teething. A fact is that many parents have a good experience with this 100% natural product.

Safety first!

When dealing with children safety is of course most important. That’s why the necklaces and bracelets have a knot after each amber bead. In case that the necklace breaks the loose parts can't be eating. Under no circumstance you should let your child wear a bracelet or necklace when unattended, this means you should remove them for the night. These necklaces and bracelets are not suitable for children under 36 months.

How to order

Ordering is simple and easy in our Webshop. We ship within 24 hours from the Netherland to every European country. We guarantee 100% authenticity  of the Baltic Amber. Click on one of the images below to see our current collection.