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Category: Baltic amber

What is Baltic amber, where does it come from and what can you do with it? Here you will find all the answers! Including authenticity tests to recognise fake amber.

Fake amber

How to recognise fake amber?

Due to the increasing popularity of amber, there are more and more fake pieces in circulation. Especially for the popular pieces that contain insects. It…

Amber tests

Test your Amber

Before starting your amber test it’s important to have a good look at the amber. This should already give you a good impression of what…

blue and yellow amber

Amber Trivia

With such a long history there is quite a lot to know about amber. Did you know: That in Roman times they paid for a…

Amber in different froms

Amber facts

We know the honey like Baltic amber also as succinite. The coniferous tree Pinus succinifera produced this type of amber. Other conifers also produced amber,…

Replica from the original amber room

Amber in history

The Greeks and Romans already understood what amber was and how it occurred. The Greek philosopher Aristotle described amber as: ‘succinum’ or ‘juice stone’. In…

Succinite amber

What is Baltic amber?

Amber is fossilized resin from coniferous trees. Resin provides the tree with protection against insects and fungi. It is a sticky commodity that can easily…